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How can you stand out as a candidate?

Last week, Jason and I had the privilege of presenting two virtual events on how young professionals can differentiate themselves when applying for jobs. In this issue, I would like to share some tips that can help you stand out in the job market:

Build your portfolio

For new creators, building a portfolio can help you stand out from a pool of talents. Use your portfolio to showcase your abilities and uniqueness as a new creators, there are a number of tools you can use to build your portfolio.

For my personal website, I used Notion and Super to build my portfolio. The process is relatively easy and quick to launch.

Find opportunities for informational interviews

Our guest speaker, Yudi, shared a valuable tip with our attendees. He suggested that conducting regular informational interviews can help individuals gain valuable insights and learn new things.

To find opportunities for informational interviews, there are 2 methods you can consider:

Apply for jobs.

If you're on the lookout for a new job, it's a good idea to start by applying for some of the roles that align with your career aspirations. To increase your chances of success, ensure that your resume is updated and tailored to the specific job, highlighting your relevant skills and experiences. You should also have your portfolio ready to showcase your previous work and achievements. By presenting yourself in the best light possible, you can impress potential employers and secure your dream job.

To enhance your chances of success during a job interview, it's crucial to do your homework beforehand. This means researching the company and position you're applying for and anticipating the questions the interviewer might ask. During the interview, it's also beneficial to take notes on the questions asked and the information shared, so you can better prepare for future rounds of interviews. By being well-prepared and organized, you can impress the interviewer and increase your chances of landing the job.

Ask your friends for help

Hey, if you're already working or freelancing, applying for new jobs might not be the best way to set up informational interviews.

But don't worry, there's another way to practice your interview skills! Just reach out to your friends and ask them to help you out. Have them act as the interviewer and ask you questions like it's a real interview. You can even think of it like role-playing! It's a great way to get some practice in and build your confidence before the real thing.

Tweet of the week

Here’s something interesting I saw on Twitter today:

Arbela is throwing a community analyst competition, and guess what? I'm joining in! I got accepted into both of the venture scout programs that I applied for. I'm stoked to use this opportunity to learn from seasoned investors and get some real-world experience as a venture scout, writing investment memos and learning the ropes of the industry.

It's going to be a challenging yet exciting experience, and I'm looking forward to soaking up as much knowledge and experience as I can.

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What’s Arbela?

Arbela is an awesome international investment platform that brings people together to collaborate and invest in the best projects out there. You get to access curated deal-flow, connect with skilled investors, and stay up-to-date with the latest financial content.

The coolest part?

Aspiring investors work together as a community to build financial reports, and professional investors get exclusive access to these reports and the top-notch projects that our community finds.

It's an amazing way to build your investment portfolio and get involved in the global investment community.

Check out Arbela here.

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Hey, do you travel solo to various web3 conferences?

As someone who's been adventuring alone for a while now, I've picked up a few tricks on how to pack smart. Traveling solo can be super exhilarating and freeing, but it's important to take some extra care when packing to ensure a safe and smooth journey. I cover five essential items that I think every solo traveler should bring along for each trip in my article below:

Fresh news on Web3

Polygon have announced their zkEVM is now fully open-source. If you have no clue what’s zkEVM, Continuum is launching a course on Polygon zkEVm. You can find out more through our app right now!

Here are some of the other cool traits of Polygon zkEVM Mainnet Beta.

It's permissionless and public, EVM-equivalent and has fast finality. Vitalik Buterin, one of the co-creators of Ethereum, has also made a transaction on it.

I am not going to share more, you can read their article here:

Updates on Continuum

  1. Last week, we held 2 events with close to 3K attendees! If you like to attend our next virtual event, follow us here.

  2. More users on Continuum are using our new feature: Expert Answers. Read our article that explains our new feature here.

  3. Download our app and learn more about Polygon zkEVM today!

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