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Article of the week - Whatever happened to Web3?

This week’ article contain an interesting view on Web3.

It contain plenty of factual information regarding the declining interests in the space. The author also bring up important points like many businesses are not utilising the underlying technology to solve real world problems

Here’s my favourite quote from the article:

Web3 must be focused on true business value and grounded best practices tethered to reality.

The article also reminded me of my own tokens - $BRIANWJH.

Back in April, I decided to launch my personal token on Token Protocol as a way to experiment with social tokens and to start finding ways to incentivise our community. I had a similar idea to Mark, where I intend to reward loyal and active subscribers.

If you are interested in exploring $BRIANWJH, or even purchasing some of my personal tokens, use the link below!

Btw, This newsletter is not financial advice. The information provided is for educational purposes only. Please do your own research before making any investment decisions.

Here’s the link to this week’ article:

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