My problem with consistency

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My problem with consistency

Whoops, it has been 3 months since I released my last issue in my newsletter or even published any other content on my other channels.

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Creating content consistently is something that I have been struggling with, especially when it comes to creating content for my personal brand. I have also realised the thing that I struggle the most is coming up with new content ideas that is worth publishing.

This particular challenge is becoming increasingly common between creators, and content marketers.

I found an article on the issue written by Planable as I was writing this issue.

They surveyed 88 social media experts to find out what are their struggles where they heard from freelancers, brands, and agencies. Find out more about their biggest social media struggles below.

Other than finding out what has worked for others, I am also looking for different strategies and tools that can help me with generating new content ideas to start sharing my thoughts more consistently.

With this in mind, I wanted to share a recent article that I published on Medium which got accepted in a publication.

Article of the week - If I Am 16 Again: Building Your Career After Graduating

I was a high school student who loved exploring different career pathways. My school offered us amazing career-pathways programs, and I made sure to take full advantage of them. It was eye-opening and I was soaking up all the knowledge and information about what awaited me after graduation.

And guess what? I didn’t stop there.

I spent countless hours researching and watching YouTube videos on different side hustles, skills I should have before graduating, and ways to improve my chances of getting hired. I even preferred “self-study” on Youtube over chilling after a long day at school. If there was an opportunity to explore different careers, you bet I grabbed it!

In the full article, I cover things that I have picked up along my professional journey and share actionable tips to build a successful career.

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